Care, Support & Guidance

At RGS, we feel that students have an entitlement to:

  • High quality teaching and a curriculum that meets their needs
  • Nurturing their creativity originality and integrity as highly valued attributes
  • High quality advice and guidance in relation to learning choices
  • Personal and academic support
  • To be listened to and responded to
  • A safe and secure learning environment
  • Preparation for life-long learning, employability and well-being

We also expect that students:

  • Support the school’s ethos of high expectations
  • Adhere to the School’s code of Conduct, based on Respect
  • Make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

In this section:

Pastoral Care

Here at The Rochester Grammar School, we understand that the emotional wellbeing of a child is just as important as their physical health. Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adult.

The school has a designated pastoral team who work together to provide a holistic approach for every student to ensure that each child is known and is supported throughout their time with us here at the school.

The Pastoral Team at RGS consists of:


Mr D Lloyd – Vice Principal (Trust)

Miss A Lee – Associate Leader for Behaviour and Attitudes

Heads of Year

Mrs L Wells – Head of Year 7 (Mrs Wells is also the school SENCO)

Mrs W Davis -  Head of Year 8

Miss C Phillips – Head of Year 9

Miss M Heathcote – Head of Year 10

Mrs K Hutton -  Head of Year 11

Mrs H Garvey – Head of Year Year 12 and 13 (Pastoral Care)

Support Staff

Mrs J Eades – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms K Williams Brown – Student Wellbeing Manager

Ms C Winder – Attendance Manager

Our programme of care begins before a student joins us in Year 7. Members of the pastoral team conduct transition visits to local primary schools to not only meet and answer any questions that students may have, but also to start forming positive, and long-lasting working relationships. Students then join us for their transition evening and day, an opportunity that allows them to meet with their Head of Year, and further members of the school community.

When students join us fully in Year 7, they are each allocated a Form Tutor who will be their designated member of staff to report to each morning.

The Form Tutor is the ‘champion’ for each student within their tutor group, getting to know each student within the form, exploring their interests, strengths, weaknesses etc. as well as promoting standards, setting high expectations and offering mentoring and support.

Each Tutor Group is allocated to one of the six school houses; Byron, Cassidy, Fitzgerald, Hildegard, Somerville or Tomlinson.

Throughout the year, each house competes to be awarded the House Cup at the end of each school year, by accumulating the most house points. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for students to achieve house points to add to their overall total. Some examples include; charity fundraisers (McMillan Coffee Morning, Children in Need etc.), Harvest Festival, House Song, House Arts Day and Sports Day…to name a few.

When a student has any worries or concerns, they are encouraged to speak with either their Form Tutor, Head of Year, or any other member of school staff that they feel comfortable to speak with. Depending on the nature of the worry or concern, it will be determined who would be best placed to support the student moving forward, whilst ensuring the student is kept informed and aware of how this will happen, and who will be involved. Please see the ‘RGS Safeguarding’ page here for further details on the different reporting options available to both students and parents/carers.