UCA 2020 Fashion Competition Winner

May 17, 2022 07:45am

“Irregularity is random, uneven, eccentric, distorted or imperfect, it is the quality of not being regular in shape or form, something that is unusual or unexpected.

Many congratulations to Kelvin Streater, Year 13, who came first in the UCA 2020 Fashion Competition.

1st Place ‘COLLATION’ by Kelvin Streater

My entry consists of a limited colour scheme of black, silver, and red, composed in various ways; exploring the use of shapes, mark-making, and print-making. 

The pieces are irregular due to abstract pattern and composition of these designs – for example, the abstract mark-making and ecstatic reflective colour of the trench coat is highly entertaining and visible, which is a greatly juxtaposing look as military-style is often associated with dark colours and camouflage, the exact opposite of this piece. The patterns are abstract and enhance and ‘edgy’ vibe, yet still have a sense of elegance to them. The pattern designs were influences from a range of non-relating things, including snake-skin and shattered glass. I believe that this collection of designs incorporate the theme of ‘Irregularity’ greatly as they are iconic while still looking fashionable. I have composed the print designs, and have also created some looks to demonstrate how these prints can be produced to present irregular fashion pieces that are more unique and expressive than standard designs.

Comments from the judges said that the work showed a really clear process and loved the print experimentation and the use of texture. The project has some really good artist references and research with the print application to garments and accessories were very well thought out. The judges said they would love to see more of your work applied to full runways looks.