Black History Month Art Competition

May 17, 2022 07:56am

To celebrate inspirational black people and their achievements The Thinking Schools Trust (TSAT) launched its first ever Black History Month art competition.

Talented students from all year groups across our Trust jumped at the chance to flex their creative muscles and submissions quickly rolled in; we were overwhelmed with so many fantastic and imaginative entries!

After time to ponder some difficult decisions were made, the judging panel chose 3 overall winners and 2 of those were students at RGS.

First Place:  Black History Month Blowout | Ama Amo-Agyei | Rochester Grammar School, Year 9 

Ama said: The people I have chosen to draw are: Diane Abbott-MP, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King  Jr, Stormzy and Chadwick Boseman. I chose these people because they have all overcome challenges associated with their race in order to aspire to be their best in every area of their lives. Their stories inspire and give me confidence to be able to tell myself that I can also make a change, looking beyond the colour of my skin.

Mrs Gregory said: This piece is just… ‘Wow!’. Creative interpretation involving self in video drawing tonal portraits of iconic people. Each portrait has been drawn beautifully and has captured a likeness. The entire concept is very clever, engaging and powerful. Looking forward to seeing your next Art endeavours. Well done Ama, incredibly sophisticated work!

Judges comments: “Using music and video media is an ingenious way of responding to the project. With digital media used to show the drawing and timed well with the lyrics on the song, the drawings showed technical strength but was also edited well with timings, this is a strong response of including many inspirational figures and with a fitting, emotional, written tribute.”


Third Place“#Maketheuturn” | Maria Gecheva | Rochester Grammar School, Year 12

Maria said: I chose to create a piece of Marcus Rashford MBE. The piece was inspired by his #maketheUturn movement that he started during lockdown, to provide free meals for the vulnerable children and families. He fought on after Boris Johnson rejected the U-turn over holiday meal vouchers, and vouched to help the 200,000 children who were skipping meals. 1.3 million children ended up receiving vouchers for free school meals during the summer holidays, his campaign succeeded.  He is an inspiration for young people all over Britain, as at only 22 he has received the title MBE and started a change for the vulnerable people in our society.

Mrs Gregory said: This piece is a beautifully drawn portrait capturing a likeness of Marcus Rashford who has made a massive impact in supporting societies most vulnerable young people. The range of mark-making applied to show variations in texture are truly beautiful. The concept is clear in a subtle way through the text with Rashford’s key message being added to the background. Well done Maria!

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